Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Finished my second swoon block a few days ago, just a little slow to put it up here.  I seriously got the most perfect nested seams of my life on one of the blocks only to realize that one piece of the entire thing was sewed in backwards (it's not my fault it's hard to tell the pretty vs wrong side of this fabric, they are teeny tiny swirls).  What are you going to do?

On a much happier note I seriously love how this block is completely transformed with each new fabric addition. Amazing!

Not much else going on in the household.  We've been having rainy weather lately which would be great for quilting but little man is somewhat chewing on everything and a little bit fussy.  Poor little guy.

I have seriously been considering joining this quilt along which I found on flickr
Drunkard's Path Quilt Along
it is hosted by Kristie and Kate
I have never sewn circles before but seriously the enthusiasm of these two totally makes me (whether I can in fact or not) believe that I can in fact make this quilt!  So we will see. Hopefully I will not end up with a quilt top that looks like triangles instead of curves or a big old unfinished pile of scraps.  I'm hoping that a good group morale will keep me going.  Although I have never done a quilt along so maybe I'm putting too much pressure on my peers to get my procrastinating self in gear.

I never thought of doing more than one work in progress at a time but reading all of these blogs makes me see all of the beautiful fabrics out there and the endless possibilities.

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