Sunday, October 30, 2011

farmer's wife

Finally started my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt after weeks of looking them Flickr: The Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long.  I had bought the book at few weeks back at my local Joann's with a coupon but in actuality was a little intimidated by the blocks (I have very limited experience with templates) I finally bit the bullet and started (in numerical order, I'm just funny that way) and these blocks are so much fun to make I have definitely caught the fever.

This is the first group that I have ever joined so it is so much fun to see everyone's blocks coming together and all of the great fabric choices and different techniques being utilized.  

I am using freezer paper to print out my templates.  It's working for the most part, I just have to cut the paper down to feed through the printer and remember to put the paper side up, not the waxy side which results in ink getting on everything- cough cough

The next block is called basket and I'm not sure how I'm going to do the handle, I'm thinking some needle turn applique maybe.  Either way I'm excited for next week!


Monday, October 24, 2011

More more more

Finished up two more swoon blocks, yay!  Almost halfway there

 This felt is behind my wall, so I took these pictures at an angle to miss the sewing machine.  I think that is why the top looks larger than the bottom.  I tried to be more centered on the green/yellow block.  Maybe fixed the problem? or maybe I really sewed it together like that but hopefully not....

and between the two of these I made my very first mug rug/Christmas present!
the bottom is a little bit wavy (not on purpose) I swear that it was straight when I cut it out.  Something about hand sewing binding onto so much batting made it distort a little bit.  Hopefully it'll get better by the next time. 

Regardless I am proud of myself for stepping outside of a pattern and doing something without first taking a class about it.  Reading other people's blogs helped me realize that if I can quilt then there are lots of other creative outlets that I can do.  It's an empowering feeling.  Nice to step outside of my comfort zone every now and again.  
  I know that I could never really sell this mug rug or anything but hopefully it will bring some joy to it's recipient.  Because we are always our own worse critics I suppose.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Finished my second swoon block a few days ago, just a little slow to put it up here.  I seriously got the most perfect nested seams of my life on one of the blocks only to realize that one piece of the entire thing was sewed in backwards (it's not my fault it's hard to tell the pretty vs wrong side of this fabric, they are teeny tiny swirls).  What are you going to do?

On a much happier note I seriously love how this block is completely transformed with each new fabric addition. Amazing!

Not much else going on in the household.  We've been having rainy weather lately which would be great for quilting but little man is somewhat chewing on everything and a little bit fussy.  Poor little guy.

I have seriously been considering joining this quilt along which I found on flickr
Drunkard's Path Quilt Along
it is hosted by Kristie and Kate
I have never sewn circles before but seriously the enthusiasm of these two totally makes me (whether I can in fact or not) believe that I can in fact make this quilt!  So we will see. Hopefully I will not end up with a quilt top that looks like triangles instead of curves or a big old unfinished pile of scraps.  I'm hoping that a good group morale will keep me going.  Although I have never done a quilt along so maybe I'm putting too much pressure on my peers to get my procrastinating self in gear.

I never thought of doing more than one work in progress at a time but reading all of these blogs makes me see all of the beautiful fabrics out there and the endless possibilities.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I have been quilting for about two years but have sadly only made four quilts.  I know this turtle like pace mostly is aggravated by my knack for procrastination and general laziness.  I am slowly but surely hoping to speed up the process with a blog, something to keep me more organized and help me to develop a better awareness of my own pace.  Instead of reading about other people diving into creations that they love I am hoping to become one of those people.  Overall more productive and creative, no longer being bound by over thinking fabric and pattern choices.

I have been extremely blessed in my life.  I have a wonderful family.  My husband of two years and an almost nine month old little boy.  My husband has vastly encouraged me to embrace my love of quilts by taking a sampler class at the local quilt shop.  Ever since that first shop hop I have been completely hooked.  He's definitely a good one, letting me splurge on fabric and such.

My son is best described in one word as "ruckus."   We love him dearly but vaguely remember the days when all of our belongings were not in some way broken, dented, or otherwise out of commission.  You have to love the mobile baby days when they pretend like they have no fathoming of the word "no" only to shake their head at you as if that was the initial command.  Gotta love that boy!
                                                                          Six Months
Eight Months

That is about it for me.  I have recently started the "Swoon Block" by Camille Roskelley at Thimble Blossoms (Swoon Quilt)

Image from (I bought the pdf format so didn't have the pretty cover)

I saw it finished on another blog Fussy Cut: Swoon.  I just kept looking at Angela's pictures and other swoon quilts on flickr (which I had previously never paid much attention to, but now am obsessed with) and it practically sunk into my subconscious and became yet another work in progress.  Luckily I had bought some fat quarters from a shop hop that I previously had no idea what to do with, but now are being put to dutiful use (must have been divine intervention)! One block down and eight more to go!  Progress progress progress!

I love how this quilt is coming together!  The only minor problem is there are a ton of intersecting seams coming together, making for serious bulk.  I know that you can cut down or open seams to remove bulk but I'm nervous to do either one....?  Any suggestions?
Well I guess that's it