Monday, October 24, 2011

More more more

Finished up two more swoon blocks, yay!  Almost halfway there

 This felt is behind my wall, so I took these pictures at an angle to miss the sewing machine.  I think that is why the top looks larger than the bottom.  I tried to be more centered on the green/yellow block.  Maybe fixed the problem? or maybe I really sewed it together like that but hopefully not....

and between the two of these I made my very first mug rug/Christmas present!
the bottom is a little bit wavy (not on purpose) I swear that it was straight when I cut it out.  Something about hand sewing binding onto so much batting made it distort a little bit.  Hopefully it'll get better by the next time. 

Regardless I am proud of myself for stepping outside of a pattern and doing something without first taking a class about it.  Reading other people's blogs helped me realize that if I can quilt then there are lots of other creative outlets that I can do.  It's an empowering feeling.  Nice to step outside of my comfort zone every now and again.  
  I know that I could never really sell this mug rug or anything but hopefully it will bring some joy to it's recipient.  Because we are always our own worse critics I suppose.  

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  1. Your swoon blocks are looking great Tiara! Welcome to the world of quilting, you definitely have the right attitude, it's meant to be fun! We are definitely our own worst critics!