Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Not much farming going on.  We have been a little under the weather lately so not much in the productivity department.  I made three blocks Basket, Basket Weave, and Bat Wing.  As you can tell my scraps are only very muted or super bright.  We'll see how this comes together in a quilt or not so much might end up as a mug rug or something similar.
(pictures on my bed because right now my desk is a super disaster)

I had never done a biased cut handle before so that ended up as an epic fail.  Instead I ended up cutting the fabric out from the already curved template (without the seam allowance), used steam a seam to hold it in place (love this product) and then machine appliqued it in place (my first time ever, yay!) 
I love these little farmer's blocks they are minimum commitment for maximum gratification.    

Finished another swoon block!  #5 Another one bites the dust.  I swear with every single block that I make I just love this pattern more and more! It is just so fun to see how each piece comes together.  Love that  Camille!

Plus I got these fat quarters at my LQS on sale for 99 cents, seriously that never ever happens. It's amazing how much joy fabric can bring into your life. Sigh. Well that's all for now.



  1. Oh, I love that last block! I've just started quilting, but hopefully I'll be able to try something like that, soon!

  2. I am loving your Swoon blocks! And I was just like you - every one I made was my new favorite, and I just loved the pattern more & more. I am now taking a Swoon break after being obsessed for several months - ha!

  3. I have to get that Swoon pattern, I love other people's swoon blocks so much! I can relate to photo's on the bed, right now I can't remember what colour the surface of my desk is it's been that long since I've seen it.