Wednesday, February 8, 2012

still alive

The holidays were great but very busy and then January was full of many birthdays!  My sweet sweet husband got me a bread maker for my birthday (after many previous flat and dense homemade loafs) and I've been enthralled in the world of bread since then.  Great for my tummy but also not so great for my tummy in the expanding waistline area! He got this cookbook to accompany it. Just for the record, the author is a genius.  Once I found the ingredients I was unstoppable!

Today I sent off my first blocks for my very first swap!
It is called  Japanese x and + block swap coordinated by Issabella The Cat
I think that this is going to be a great first swap.  It was just enough blocks to get my feet wet without being overwhelmed.  I found it on flickr.  I was a little nervous at the post office because I wasn't sure home much international shipping would be.  But the post office was very helpful and it wasn't too terribly expensive.

I also joined the Swoon-along group hoping that it would help motivate me to tackle these beasts again.  Unfortunately so far no such luck.  I just know to make these blocks that I need full brain concentration and so far the opportunity for this has not arrived. Maybe soon because my husband has been not so quietly reminding me that he needs a quilt that covers his feet.

I'm still addicted to flickr.  I especially love this quilt from swoon-along group.  It makes my hearts stop, it's so unbelievably amazing!  love love love it!  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful February and that the weather is nice like it is here.

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